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Meprolight M21 X Izraelský kolimátor Mepro M21 - X

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The MEPRO 21 provides instant, all-light aiming capability, without batteries. Designed through close collaboration with Israeli Special Forces, the MEPRO M21 is battle proven, simple to use accurately and totally reliable. The optic of choice by the IDF for Special Forces and Infantry. MEPRO 21 offers a large 30mm diameter lens which allows rapid target acquisition with both eyes open. This was the first reflex sight in the world designed for close quarter combat, and it can be ordered with optional reticles – dot, triangle, open-x, and bullseye. Illumination of the aiming point is achieved by a fiber optic collector system during the day, and by a miniature self-powered tritium light source at night. The transition between the two systems is instantaneous and automatic to assure good contrast between the aiming dot and the target area. Weight 450 g Width 55 mm Height 70 mm Length 114 mm
Kód produktu:M21 X
Barva produktu: Černá
Vhodné pro:SA vz.58
M16, M4, AR15
AK 47 / 74

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